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BookSmarts™serves small business owners who are simply too busy to manage all the bookkeeping and accounting details of a successful business. Or maybe it’s a wife, relative or friend who can’t keep up or can’t spend the time anymore.

Whatever the reasons, you now need a BookSmarts™professional who understands the bookkeeping and accounting needs vital to handling all your money matters – business and personal.

With BookSmarts™you can afford the kind of professional, day-to-day guidance and counseling that the big companies enjoy. You’ll appreciate the hometown feel of your local BookSmarts™office, and the time and money you’ll save working with a BookSmarts™professional.

Remember, we’re not here just at tax season, we’re here all seasons. With services for all your money matters:

Eliminate the time and hassle of managing the books – visit your local BookSmarts™office today. And find out why all your money matters can be handled professionally, honestly and cost-effectively.

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BookSmarts™ is your one-stop tax and total accounting service that will cost-effectively improve your business and personal finances.