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"BookSmarts meets all the financial need of a Small Business
BookSmarts is driven to succeed in the small business arena, I like their approach and philosophy of being the total package for their customers, they meet all the financial needs of a small business owner."

- Kristina Rugh

"BookSmarts has sparked a new fire into my business
BookSmarts has sparked a new fire into my business and I really appreciate it!!!"

- Emil E.

"I feel Secure at the End of the Month
BookSmarts has given me a true peace of mind about my accounting and financial aspects of business. When trying to manage it on my own, I was consistently frustrated and worried that I was forgetting something vitally important. After working with BookSmarts and asking them numerous questions of which they never tire, I feel secure at the end of each month that my accounting is accurate.
In addition, BookSmarts provide practical business feedback about where my money is best spent in order to bring in additional clients for my business.
I know that with BookSmarts, I can spend my free time working with my own clients rather than worrying about my financial statements and taxes."

- Suzanne Atkinson
Head Coach, Steel City Endurance, Ltd.

"EXCELLENT information
As always, EXCELLENT information. I appreciate these emails and all of your attention to the details of my taxes! You and your company make my life easy."

- Carol B

"How cool are you?
Dear Bill,
How cool are you? Thank you for the good wishes, and right back at’cha. It has been a pleasure, and with our working relationship I can say it WILL be long and propserous. Thanks for all you do. Happy Holidays!"

- Cheryl H.

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