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How We Work

5 Things We Do Better





  1. We Clearly Communicate

    We speak English, not “Accountese”. When you talk to any of us on the phone or read any of our reports, they will be easy to understand. After all, if you can’t understand what we’re saying, how can we provide value to you? We ensure that all of our communications are clear and concise and are written or spoken with you in mind.

  2. Secure Website-based File Transfer

    We know that your time is best spent working on your business, not delivering materials to us. That's why we have a secure online file transfer process so that you can send us your source documents and we can send you your financial reports simply, easily and quickly.

  3. You and Your Business are our First Priorities.

    We look out for you. We understand that behind the small business is the small business owner. Whenever we provide advice to you for the business, we make sure to do that in light of you and the impact that it will have on your personal financial situation.

  4. We are Business Experts

    We focus on small business…only. All of our clients are small businesses. All of our knowledge and expertise is around small business situations. If you are a small business, you are in good hands with us.

  5. We are Responsive.

    If you contact us, you’ll hear from us in 24 hours, usually with an answer to your question or a solution to your problem. Even if we don’t have the solution or answer, you’ll hear from us so that you know we are working on it.

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