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  • We don’t let others’ standards dictate our own.
  • We possess the skills to meet our clients’ needs.
  • We are organized because we know it increases accuracy, speed and efficiency.
  • We are all committed to self-improvement – both professionally and personally
  • We are mature – we don’t gossip, we defer gratification, we keep our promises, and are dependable in all circumstances.
  • We are courteous in every conversation.


  • We don’t complain
  • We always look to make the best of every situation
  • We don’t let others’ attitudes have an effect on us
  • We have high expectation and expect to accomplish great things.
  • We are always Cheerful


  • We are proactive; we will have financial reports and tax documents well before due dates and business deadlines.
  • We fully engage in what we are doing at all times; we seek to understand the context in which our clients will be using the information.
  • We always use initiative; we are consistently looking for ways to help improve our business, our clients’ business and over-all quality-of-life.
  • We follow properly designed systems; we know that ensures our success.
  • We are consistently testing any improvements to our processes and systems and measuring the results.


  • We believe that accurate work is our most important product.
  • We hold every detail about our clients in the closest confidence.
  • We believe that everything matters – we take care in the smallest details because we know that is how grand accomplishments occur.
  • We respect each other’s time and take our commitments seriously.
  • Therefore we strive to be on-time for all meetings. (If for some unavoidable reason, we might be late or miss a meeting we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.)
  • We meet our commitments.
  • Our behavior is the same no matter who we are working with or what we are working on


  • A Calm, Measured and Deliberate manner is present in all aspects of business, client interaction, management, and sales.
  • We attract the right clients.


  • We carefully consider our priorities and order our work accordingly
  • We only work on the right things when it is the right time
  • Our advice to our clients is not influenced by their fleeting emotional state…we don’t sell them products that aren’t right for them until it is right for them.


  • We set our own standards
  • Every Team member sets their own deadlines and holds themselves accountable.
  • We work hard, but more importantly we work smart. We are always considering tools and processes that will increase our accuracy, speed and efficiency.


  • Each of us takes responsibility to make sure that we are clearly understood.
  • We respond to all correspondence within 24 hours, most likely the same day. (Even if we don’t have the answer, we will reply with a time-frame in which we will provide the answer.)
  • We don’t make excuses. Sometimes, things happen and we may give reasons, but we don’t seek to avoid responsibility.
  • We do everything we can to avoid surprises.

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